When Is Easter 2020? | How the Easter Date is Determined

When Is Easter 2020? | How the Easter Date is Determined

Passover , otherwise known as Pesach in Hebrew, is regarded as one of the most important festivals in Judaism. Every year, Jewish families celebrate the festival by sitting around the Seder table and recounting how Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt following years of slavery. So when does Passover take place this year, what’s the history behind it and how is it observed? The festival is traditionally observed for eight days by many Jewish people around the world, including those who left Israel as part of the Jewish diaspora. For those celebrating Passover for eight days, it will end this year on the evening of Thursday 16 April. In the Torah the body of Jewish scripture , Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nissan, the day in the Hebrew calendar on which the Jewish departed from Egypt thousands of years ago.

Determining the Dates for Easter and Passover

Keeping children engaged in a Passover seder is a challenge dating all the way back to the Talmud. The Chocolate Seder was conceived with the understanding that a carrot works better than a stick — and that chocolate is more enticing than a leek. The Chocolate Seder follows the format of a traditional Ashkenazi seder , with 15 different sections. In many ways, it resembles any other introductory-level seder, with explanatory text accompanying each section and action to ease the way for those who are not familiar with the process.

It also attempts to translate some of the levity of the seder — present in the rabbinic wordplay — into a form that is more understandable to children. As part of your preparation for Passover, pick a time to sit down with your children before the holiday and hold a Chocolate Seder, so that when they encounter the real seder they will feel more familiar with what is going on.

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Jesus rose from the dead on the first Sunday following the feast of Passover. Technically, he may have risen Saturday night, but that still counts as Sunday on the Jewish reckoning, which begins each day at sunset instead of at midnight. The date of Passover is a complicated thing. Theoretically, the date should be the 14th of the Jewish month of Nisan, and it should correspond to a full moon the Jewish calendar being partly lunar. As a result, rabbis periodically had to announce when Passover would be celebrated.

They decided that Easter would be celebrated on the first Sunday after never on the Paschal full moon. Theoretically, the Paschal full moon is the first full moon occurring on or after the spring equinox. However, this day can be reckoned in different ways. One way is by looking at the sky, which yields the astronomical spring equinox. But since this shifts from year to year, most people follow the calendrical spring equinox, which is reckoned as March On the Gregorian calendar the one that we use , Easter is the first Sunday after the Paschal full moon, which is the first full moon on or after March

Passover: The Haggadah

With his disciples gathered around him, Jesus partakes of his Last Supper. The meal in this lateth-century painting by the Spanish artist known only as the Master of Perea consists of lamb, unleavened bread and wine—all elements of the Seder feast celebrated on the first night of the Jewish Passover festival. In John, however, the seven-day Passover festival does not begin until after Jesus is crucified. Jonathan Klawans suggests that the Passover Seder as we know it developed only after the time of Jesus.

And if they ate the Passover sacrifice, they must have held a Seder. Three out of four of the canonical Gospels Matthew, Mark and Luke agree that the Last Supper was held only after the Jewish holiday had begun.

The documents date to various periods. Among them was an archive of documents from the Jewish community dating to the fifth century B.C.E.

This year, Passover falls at the beginning of April — smack in the middle of what some experts estimate will be the peak of the coronavirus pandemic in America. The Passover Seder centers on the experience of being thrust out of our homes, but these days we feel trapped inside of them. The story involves miraculous plagues that saved us; today we pray for the end of one. And yet, there will still be Passover.

But do you also remember matzo, the unleavened cracker we eat because Jews rushed out of their homes before their bread could rise? The entire holiday is rooted in glorifying a moment when life unfolded in very unexpected ways — and human beings found meaning, even liberation, in it. Historians believe these were originally maintained by two distinct segments of Israelite society, for whom spring meant slightly different things.

For the seminomadic part of the community, it was a signal that it was time to start moving again; but before doing so they would sacrifice a lamb to ward off evil spirits that might block their path. For the settled folks, it was an agricultural holiday, a joyful welcoming of the incoming spring harvest. Most scholars believe the two holidays were eventually combined in B. Intended or not, the process looks poetic in hindsight: Elements were taken from each of the previous commemorations — the sacrifice from the former, the joy from the latter — and a Jewish future was made.

After Jerusalem was sacked in B.

The Dating of the Last Supper

The Passover Haggadah is a set form of benedictions, prayers, midrashic comments and psalms recited at the seder ritual on the eve of Passover. The Haggadah is based on the seder service prescribed by the Mishnah Pes. Essentially, the Haggadah is an account of the Egyptian bondage, a thanksgiving to God for the redemption, and, in Temple times, a thanksgiving for the acquisition of the Land of Israel.

After the destruction of the Second Temple, the latter was replaced by a prayer for the ultimate redemption.

The date of Passover is a complicated thing. Theoretically, the date should be the 14th of the Jewish month of Nisan, and it should correspond to a full moon (the.

Aug 28 8 Elul Torah Portion. Why is it that Passover is celebrated worldwide beginning on the night of the 15th of Nisan? The Torah states a number of times that the Passover celebration falls on the 14th day of the first month e. Exodus , Leviticus , Numbers And to my knowledge, in the Jewish calendar the day follows the night.

Thus, the Seder should be celebrated on the eve of the 14th, but Jews universally celebrate in on the 15th. Why is that?

Seder on Zoom? Passover traditions change as the coronavirus spreads

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It would be all right, but it presupposes that near Dionysius’ date of A.D. the 14th moon (Passover) really fell on March It could be that Dionysius was not.

Tonight is the first night of Passover. And like all Jewish holidays, it is governed by the Jewish calendar. This calendar is a delightfully complicated combination of the solar and lunar calendars, with leap months instead of leap days. When trying to understand it, you end up learning terms like the Metonic cycle a year period that allows lunar months and solar years to synchronize and intercalation. So it should come as no surprise that there are some subtleties to how the first day of Passover is determined.

But worry no longer! While you can of course look at an online Hebrew calendar and find out when Passover begins, this paper examines how to calculate just one specific value: the first day of Passover. And in case you are wondering, since many of us use the Gregorian calendar rather than the Julian calendar, the paper helpfully has code at the end for both cases, adding a correction factor if you want the Gregorian date for the beginning of Passover.

To calculate the Julian date for the first day of Passover you simply input the Hebrew year Y and then do some calculations that look like the following:. And this is just the beginning! It is a rather complex calculation to figure out which day of the calendar the first day of Passover falls on. I recommend that you do not do this with paper and pencil.

Use a computer. There’s even an implementation in Java.

How are the dates for Easter, Palm Sunday, and Ash Wednesday determined?

One of the biblically ordained Three Pilgrimage Festivals , Passover is traditionally celebrated in the Land of Israel for seven days and for eight days among many Jews in the Diaspora , based on the concept of yom tov sheni shel galuyot. In the Bible, Passover marks the Exodus of the Children of Israel from Egyptian slavery, when God “passed over” the houses of the Israelites during the last of the ten plagues.

When the Temple in Jerusalem stood, the paschal lamb was offered and eaten on Passover eve, while the wave offering of barley was offered on the second day of the festival. Nowadays, in addition to the biblical prohibition of owning leavened foods for the duration of the holiday, the Passover seder is one of the most widely observed rituals in Judaism. The etymology is disputed, and hypotheses are divided whether to connect it to psh to protect, save or to a word meaning “limp, dance with limping motions”.

Four days before the Exodus, the Hebrews were commanded to set aside a lamb Exodus , and inspect it daily for blemishes.

To calculate the Julian date for the first day of Passover you simply input the Hebrew year Y and then do some calculations that look like the.

The Jewish calendar normally consists of twelve lunar months. A lunar month—from the moment when the crescent new moon appears until it disappears once again—is roughly Twelve lunar months equal days, eleven days less than the solar year. Therefore, if we were to maintain a strictly twelve-month lunar calendar, we would lose eleven days each year. This would result in holidays which would constantly be fluctuating in relation to the seasons, which are dictated by the solar cycle.

We would have summer Chanukahs and snowy Shavuots. During these years, a second month of Adar was added to the calendar. While the Sanhedrin presided in Jerusalem , there was no set calendar. They would evaluate every year to determine whether it should be declared a leap year.

2,400-year-old ‘Passover Letter’ Shows Evolution of Jewish Ritual

On Easter Sunday, 3 April , the Savior, Moses, Elias, and Elijah appeared in succession in the Kirtland Temple and restored priesthood keys required for the dispensation of the fulness of times. See Mal. This article reviews the importance of that restoration and suggests that it occurred on a day chosen in part because of its symbolic significance. Then the return of Elijah, which the Jews have long anticipated at Passover, will be discussed, as well as the symbolism of the day Elijah returned in

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“And You Shall Tell Your Children”

H ow Easter became a primary church festival is an example of inculturation— the blending of early New Testament Church and pagan cultures until a new ritual was created. The original Passover service as practiced by Jesus Christ and His early followers was replaced by a festival recalling not His death but His resurrection. At root, Easter is an ancient pagan fertility celebration and nothing to do with the practice of the early Church.

The debate over the timing of the new celebration, known eventually as the Quartodeciman Controversy, reverberated across the Roman Empire for almost three centuries. In C. They held the memorial on the 14 th day of the Hebrew month Nisan, the same date as the Jewish Passover.

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This year, people celebrating Passover might find themselves with an addition to their seder tables: a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, used to connect with friends and family over a group video chat. Passover is the eight-day Jewish festival that celebrates themes of springtime and freedom, centered on retelling the biblical story of the Jews’ liberation from slavery in Egypt.

The holiday is an extremely social one: It involves gathering with friends and family over a religious meal called a seder that’s filled with prayer, story, symbolic ritual, and — of course — good food. But like so many would-be gatherings this spring, Passover will be different this year. Social distancing orders put in place to stop the spread of COVID, the disease caused by the coronavirus, make getting together for Passover with people outside of your own home an unadvisable health hazard.

In the Passover spirit of making the most of the time and resources you have under difficult circumstances — the holiday’s main edible symbol, a cracker-like bread called matzah, stands for exactly this — some Jews are turning to another object of necessity to celebrate the holiday this year: video conference calling. A strict interpretation of Jewish law prohibits the use of electronics during some holidays, including Passover. However, not all Jews follow those customs. The leadership of the Conservative branch of Judaism has said , regarding streamed seders, that leniency should be allowed during challenging times.

Conservatives, despite the name, espouse a more flexible interpretation of certain Jewish laws compared to groups like the Orthodox and Chabad, although they are stricter than liberal movements like Reform. More religious Jews are connecting over video chat before the holiday actually begins, too.

Studio 5: The Passover

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